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Guide to OpenRefine

Welcome to Dupre Library's OpenRefine Guide!

What is OpenRefine?

What is OpenRefine?

OpenRefine is a great tool for working with messy data. OpenRefine can handle all sort of data.

Import formats include CSV, Excel, TSV, JSON, Google Spreadsheets, RDF, text file with custom separators

Sources: URL, local file, archive (zip), or Google.

Uses of OpenRefine

Clean – find and correct contradictions in faceting, clustering, cell transformations, and GREL expressions.

Transform – with split/join multi-valued cells, split columns, and transpose columns/rows, you can alter formats or restructure your data.

Extend – by integrating files, merging projects, retrieving URLs, and reconciling with online databases, you can improve data.

Automate – by exporting the operation history as JSON, you can reuse your processing method.

Learn more about OpenRefine.