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Guide to OpenRefine

Welcome to Dupre Library's OpenRefine Guide!

Setting Up OpenRefine

  • Download the OpenRefine package for your OS (Windows, Mac OS, or Linux) from OpenRefine Download.
  • Extract the package to your desired location.
    • On Windows: right click and select extract all to unzip the package.
    • On Mac OS: drag dmg to the application folder.
    • On Linux: unpack to the desired location with tar xzf google-refine.tar.gz

Starting OpenRefine

  • On Windows: double click openrefine.exe.
  • On Mac: click the OpenRefine icon.
  • On Linux: open terminal in the OpenRefine directory and ./refine.
  • The application should start running in a terminal window.

To learn more about OpenRefine and practice with data, you can access many free datasets and ebooks from Datasets and Resources.