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Zotero for Firefox or Zotero Standalone

You can install Zotero as either a Firefox plug-in or as a standalone program.

  • Choose Zotero for Firefox if you use the Firefox browser and prefer to have Zotero as a pane inside your browser instead of a separate window.
    • Zotero for Firefox is the original way of using Zotero and it offers the most reliable operation along with all of the available features.
  • Choose Zotero standalone if you prefer Chrome or Safari to Firefox and if you prefer to run Zotero in its own window instead of in the browser.

Install Zotero for Firefox

Step One: Install the Zotero for Firefox plug-in

  • Visit the Zotero download page with Firefox and hit the red “Zotero for Firefox” button on the left.
  • If a box appears above the page with “Firefox prevented this site ( from asking you to install software on your computer.”, hit the “Allow” button.
  • Then hit the “Install Now” button in the “Software Installation” pop up window and restart Firefox after the installation has completed. You should now see the Zotero “Z” icon in the toolbar at the top of your Firefox browser window.

Video by the ISU Libraries

Step Two: Install Word processor plug-ins

Word processor plug-ins allow you to insert citations and bibliographies directly into your documents. Installing them is optional but highly recommended.

Word for Mac/Windows users:

  • Close Word.
  • Use the link labeled "Install the Word for Windows Plug-in" or "Install the Word for Mac Plug-in."
  • When you see the message "Firefox prevented this site from asking you to install software on your computer," hit Allow.
  • Hit Allow and Install now.
  • Restart Firefox when prompted.

(If you're using Zotero Standalone, you don't need to install Word toolbars; they are included with Zotero Standalone.)

Install Zotero Standalone

  • Visit the Zotero download page and hit the red “Zotero for {Your Operating System}” button on the right.
  • Your browser will download the setup file, which you would then use to install Zotero just like any other application on your computer.
  • Add the appropriate Zotero Connector for your browser (see buttons under the Zotero Standalone button) to enable one-click metadata scraping from websites.