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UL Lafayette Special Collections

This guide presents the different factions of the UL Lafayette Special Collections at Edith Garland Dupré Library.

Digital Archives

Digitalization Scanner

The Digital Archives includes digitized collections of the Acadiana Manuscripts Collection and those donated to Special Collections. These collections include digitized and born-digital materials.

Special Collections provides digitization services for research and scholarly use. Digitization efforts are utilized to preserve the University's archival holdings and to increase their accessibility for the community. Special Collections also produces digital exhibits that reflect parts of collections from the University Archives and Acadiana Manuscripts Collection.


Special Collections provides digitization services for personal and research use. Special Collections offers both self-service scanning and scanning done by staff.

  • Self-service scanning with the overhead scan and microfilm scanner are free of charge.
  • Photocopying and digitization of archival material and manuscript collections are done by staff for researchers for a fee.

Special Collections will not duplicate entire collections for users. Special Collections currently does not provide services for scanning oversized materials or producing photographic prints. Fees are due before digitization, and processing may take up to two weeks upon receipt. All requests for digitization require the completion of a Digitization Request Form to proceed.

Special Collections will digitize physical materials from donors for free if the digitized copies are to be donated to the Archives. Donors may receive up to two free requests for copies, not to exceed 4GB of data per request, of their digitized materials via DVD, flash drive, or Dropbox. Requests exceeding two copies will be applied to the regular fee structure.

When planning to publish materials obtained from Special Collections, a Permission to Publish (PDF) and Permission for Commercial Use (PDF) form must be completed and signed by the user and the Repository Head.

For more information on Dupré Library's policies on digitization, view Digitization and Photoduplication Policies & Procedures.

Digital Collections

Special Collections have some of their digital collections available on the Louisiana Digital Library.

Louisiana Digital Library

Digital Exhibits

Special Collections staff, as well as student aids, create digital exhibits to showcase the archival materials housed in the University Archives and Acadiana Manuscripts Collection. These exhibits range from the presenting the Lafayette Jewish Community to the trophies of the University.

View the Digital Exhibits.

Digital Exhibits


For more information on digitization services, contact:

Scott Jordan, Digitization Archivist

(337) 482-5702