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ENGL 350: YA Literature & Media

This guide supports research in Prof. Jessica Doble's online class

Tips on Citation, Research, Style Tips & Finding Primary Sources

Evaluating Online Resources

When evaluating online resources, there are five things to look for:


Why should you trust the person that gave you this information? Is it from a credible source?


Is the website up to date? Is the information in your article current with events and technology?

Design & Style

Is the website professionally designed, or does it look like a personal blog? (Note: sometimes the look of websites can be deceiving)


Is the information presented in a balanced, objective manner? Is the author trying to sway you in some way?


Can you find the information you need in the website easily? Does the website direct you to places to find more information?

U.S. Government Documents & Information

To search for U.S. government documents, go to these guides:

Library Contacts

U.S. and State Government Information

Sandy Himel | | (337) 482-1174

Federal Depository Library Program Logo

Search Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search