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Collections for Ray P. Authement College of Sciences

This research guide lists the names and descriptions of special collections relevant to each of the departments in UL Lafayette's College of Sciences.

Military Science - Acadiana Manuscripts Collection

COLL 3 – Watson Family Papers

Correspondence, financial and legal records of several families from the Port Gibson, Mississippi region. Among the themes reflected in the collection are the Presbyterian Church and its activities in Mississippi, economic pursuits especially plantation management, relations with blacks as both slaves and freedmen, and health concerns including recurring yellow fever epidemics. Also included are the papers of Major J. W. Watson, U. S. Army (ca. 1865-1920) who served in Indian Wars and as an Indian agent during the 1890s and in Cuba during the Spanish-American War. He wrote about the Cuban Revolution of 1917. He also wrote some virulently anti-German pieces during World War I. The collection was donated by Dalton Watson of Waterproof, Louisiana.

COLL 113 – Louis Hanneman Photograph Collection

Photographs of New Orleans area at the turn of the century taken by a Tulane University medical student. These are photographs of unidentified people, houses, street scenes, etc. There are also pictures of a military camp at the Fairgrounds during the Spanish-American war.

Donated by Louis Hanneman in 1981.

COLL 123 – Dagmar Francez Scrapbooks

This collection, compiled by a Carencro High School student, contains clippings dealing with overseas military events of World War II. Most of the articles were taken from newspapers in New Orleans and other local newspapers. This collection was transferred to the Archives from the History Department.

COLL 151 – German Prisoners of War Collection

This collection consists of photographs, correspondence, reports, publicity including news clippings, articles, etc. It also contains videotapes of a reunion held in May 1984 and video was taken by NBC News. This collection also consists of miscellaneous materials as well. This collection was donated by Dr. Matt Schott. Collection 151A consists of Rosalind Foley's research papers. Collection 151B consists of Matthew Schott's research papers.

COLL 151A – German Prisoners of War Collection (Rosalind Foley Papers)

Rosalind Foley and Matthew Schott gathered material to document the history of German Prisoners of War held in Louisiana during World War II. This collection consists of Foley’s papers including correspondence, photographs, publicity and other various materials pertaining to her research. See also: Collection 151, which pertains to POW’s at camps in Louisiana andCollection 151B, which consists of Matthew Schott’s research papers.

COLL 151B – German Prisoners of War Collection (Matthew Schott Papers)

Rosalind Foley and Matthew Schott gathered material to document the history of German Prisoners of War held in Louisiana during World War II. This collection consists of Schott’s papers which include correspondence, photographs, publicity, writings, reports and other various materials pertaining to his research. See also: Collection 151, which pertains to POW’s at camps in Louisiana Collection 151A, which consists of Rosalind Foley’s research papers.

COLL 217 – Iwo Jima, 5th Marine Division Collection

Roland Chiasson and other veterans fought in the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II. The Battle of Iwo Jima, 19 February - 25 March 1945 was one of the bloodiest engagements during World War II. This collection consists of books, videos, articles, newspapers, slides, from the veterans’ war service. This collection was donated by Roland M. Chiasson.

COLL 220 – Lawless J. “Butterbean” Reaux, Jr. Collection

Lawless J. “Butterbean” Reaux, Jr. was a native of Lafayette, La. He was a member of the Boys Scouts of America and was also in the military. This collection consists of personal information, photographs, military records, correspondence, publications, etc.

COLL 252 – Claude J. Landry Papers

Claude Landry served in the U.S. Army for five years during World War II with the 390th Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Battalion, 3rd U.S. Army, under General G.S. Patton in the European Campaign. After his service, he worked for Rockwell International until his retirement in 1975. This collection consists of correspondence, photographs, certificates, assignment orders, dog tag, military prayer books, and other material while he served in the U.S. Army. Also included are oversize framed photographs. Mrs. Marian Yancey Landry donated the collection.

COLL 345 – Anthony Muller Camp #8, United Spanish War Veterans Collection

Organizational papers of Anthony Muller Camp #8, United Spanish War Veterans; also proceedings and programs from annual meetings of the Department of Louisiana, USWV association; proceedings, minutes, reports, and programs from the national meetings and conventions of the USWV; publications about the USWV, its ceremonies, procedures, rituals, and history; and artifacts from Anthony Muller Camp #8.

COLL 347 – Ory Garard Poret Collection

Ory Garard Poret was a native of Mansura, Louisiana, a graduate of Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette), and the long-time Director of the State Land Office. This collection consists of a scrapbook of photographs from Poret’s service in the military. Some of the photographs are identified by location. This scrapbook has been digitized, so a user’s copy is available on CD. Also included is “A Brief Autobiography” by Poret, Army Service material, and other writings.

COLL 373 – Edmond J. Tate and M. Vernice Savoie Collection

Edmond J. Tate was born on April 25, 1917, to Pierre Tate and Elia Foret Tate. Marie Vernice Savoie was born on July 21, 1919, to Alexandre Savoie and Angele Lavergne Savoie. Tate and Savoie married on July 8, 1941, in St. Landry Parish. Tate was a retired state employee, a veteran of World War II, and a member of the American Legion and the Disabled American Veterans. The couple resided in Evangeline Parish in the community of St. Landry. Tate passed away on February 6, 1990, while Savoie passed away on February 21, 1991. Both are buried in the St. Theresa’s Catholic Church Cemetery in the community of St. Landry. This collection consists of certificates of baptism and marriage license, records of the War Department, receipts, photographs, and other materials. Amanda Granger of Mamou, Louisiana donated this collection.

COLL 402 – H. N. Connor Collection

1st Sergeant H.N. Connor was a soldier in the Civil War. He participated in many battles, including the offshore Battle at Sabine Pass on January 21, 1863. He also participated in the Louisiana battles of Bayou Bourbeau, Fordoche Bayou, and many more between Opelousas and Morgan City. His diary contains illustrative accounts of the battles and the extreme conditions he and other soldiers endured. This collection contains copies of news clippings, a Civil War discharge certificate, notes on the Civil War Jayhawkers, and the diary of H.N. Connor.

COLL 426 – Pothier Jean Voorhies Collection

Pothier Jean Voorhies was a businessman and civic leader, his principal business activity being the Lafayette Lumber Company. He served as President and General Manager from 1914 until his death. This collection consists of Voorhies’s business records, personal papers, and correspondence (incoming and outgoing) with former employees serving in the military during World War II. This collection was donated by the Lafayette Public Trust Financing Authority, which renovated the Lafayette Lumber Company building for housing in 2017/18.

COLL 434 – Ernest Lee Crochet Collection

Ernest Lee Crochet was a native and lifelong resident of Loreauville, Louisiana. His parents were Dosilva and Annette Broussard Crochet. He joined the U.S. Army and served in WWII and the Korean War. After his release from the military, he worked for many years as a surveyor for C.H. Fenstermaker. He died at the age of 90. He is buried at St. Joseph Cemetery, Loreauville, Louisiana. This collection consists of a diary he kept while serving in the military and a Signal Manual photocopy.

COLL 461 – Walter B. Barousse Collection

Walter Barousse was born May 19, 1918, in Church Point, LA, the youngest of seven siblings. He graduated from Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) in 1938 with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting. He enlisted in the U.S. Army during World War II and was inducted August 3, 1943, where he served as a Staff Sergeant in General Omar N. Bradley’s company. This collection consists of three scrapbooks with photographs taken and collected by Staff Sergeant Barousse during World War II. There are also two certificates and a photograph of him. Lucien J. Savoie, III and Christine Savoie, Staff Sergeant Barousse’s nephew and grandniece respectively, donated the digital version of this collection.

COLL 476 – Wilfred Savoie, Jr. Collection

Wilfred Savoie Jr. was born and raised in Cankton, Louisiana, a village in St. Landry Parish. He served in the United States Navy from October 25, 1943, to May 17, 1946. This collection consists of letters he sent home to his family while stationed in California. The majority of the letters are to his mother (Mamma), where he talks about his day-to-day life at the Navy base and inquires about life back at home on the family farm. Also included in the collection are miscellaneous items such as a photocopy of his honorable discharge, his health record during his time in the Navy, and photographs of him and his brother Alexander. This collection was donated by his daughters, Joy S. Usie and Shelly Thompson.

COLL 485 – Elmer Gillespie Photograph Collection

This collection consists of glass plates depicting World War I battle scenes (commercial photographs). Donated by Ralph Garnett from Mrs. Elmer Gillespie.

COLL 498 – Rodney C. Hamilton Collection

Rodney Hamilton is a Korean War veteran who has been very active in veterans organizations, including the Marine Corps League Acadiana Detachment and the Veteran’s Action Coalition of Southwest Louisiana. Under his leadership, the coalition helped establish the Lafayette Community Based Outpatient Clinic, which offers primary care, physical therapy, and laboratory services for veterans. This collection contains materials related to Hamilton’s military and political careers. These include photographs, articles, programs, a scrapbook, and recognitions. Much of the collection also highlights his work with the Marine Corps League and Veteran’s Action Coalition of Southwest Louisiana. Rodney Hamilton donated the collection.

COLL 523 – Col. Eugene A. Trahan, Sr. Scrapbooks

Col. Eugene Trahan of Lafayette, LA served in the 2nd Armored Division during World War II as a tank battalion commander. After the war, he served as Division Chief of Staff in Göppingen, Germany and as an executive officer of the National War College. This collection contains two scrapbooks put together by Col. Trahan, featuring his extended family and military career. Edward Mouton donated the collection by way of Dr. Vaughn Baker.

COLL 524 – Pierre Otis “P. O.” Broussard Collection

Pierre Otis “P.O.” Broussard was born in Abbeville, LA and lived in Lafayette, LA for his whole adult life. His family traces back to the pre-Civil War era. After serving in World War II, he worked for Amoco Production Co. for 39.5 years. He died August 6, 2002 in Lafayette. This collection contains materials pertaining to P.O. Broussard. Of particular interest are scrapbooks containing photographs he took or collected during World War II. Vaughan Baker, P.O. Broussard’s niece, donated the collection.

MSS 1 – World War II Collection

Material collected mainly by President Joel L. Fletcher from items sent him by former Southwestern Louisiana Institute (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) students.