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Resources for History

This guide will provide students doing research in history with a platform for finding primary and secondary sources for their papers.

Article Databases

Dupré Library gives you access to several databases which focus primarily on history or have significant amounts of articles on historical topics or environmental history.

What is a Secondary Source?

Secondary sources are published or unpublished works that represent raw data or information that has been evaluated, analyzed or summarized already to form some sort of conclusion. These conclusions represent original additions to the primary or secondary works being evaluated. An easy way to think of it is that secondary sources typically analyze events that have already happened using historical context, whereas primary sources report directly on an event via first-person accounts.

Examples of secondary sources

  • Journal and magazine articles
  • News reports
  • Encyclopedias
  • Textbooks
  • Books

Where can I find secondary sources?

You can find secondary sources a number of ways.

Finding Materials Not in Dupré Library

Can't find something in the Dupré Library Catalog or through available databases or archives?

Finding an Article Citation

Found an article you think you need but can't find the full-text in the Dupré Library Catalog or article database?

Search These Places

Search the Dupré Library Catalog to find print books, eBooks, periodical titles, and government documents.

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