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Federal Depository Library for U.S. Government Information

Use this guide to learn about and access information from Dupré Library's Federal Depository Library and U.S. government information resources and sites.

Federal Depository Library Public Services & Access Policies & Procedures

Mission and objectives

  • To provide free and equal access to government information and information products, regardless of format, to the University's faculty, students and staff, and the general public. This is in accordance with Chapter 19, Title 44 of the U.S. Code
  • To provide reference and research services to assist users in locating and using government information
  • To maintain bibliographic control with required processing, cataloging, and piece-level record holding
  • To promote public awareness of depository services
  • To continue to develop a depository collection to support the information needs of the depository community

Reference and research services

Government information reference services, in person and online, are provided from the Reference and Research Services department (Public Services) and the U.S. Government Information department (Special Collection Services). The departments are staffed by reference and research librarians and the depository coordinator, the Government Information department head. Reference service hours are equal to the number of hours that the library is open.

  • General public users of federal depository government information resources will be provided access and services comparable to those for University students, faculty and staff.
  • All reference personnel has some level of training in the use of government information, including electronic sources. Referrals are made to the Head of Government Information, as needed. Training sessions in the use of new electronic products or online databases are conducted by the depository coordinator/Government Information department head.
  • Library research instruction sessions in the use of government information include general and specialized subject resources and tools to access government information.
  • Research guides and bibliographies, general and subject/course specific covering government information is available.
  • Many Library research and subject guides include government information resources, both depository and non-depository.
  • Social media services are incorporated within the library's public and research services.

Internet access and use

  • Public access to the Internet is provided for searching Federal depository and other government information resources.
  • Internet access is provided throughout the library at computers in the Reference Online Center (ROC Lab), STEP Lab, stand-alone workstations and via wireless connections. Guest access to the wireless network may be requested.
  • Use of workstations for government information searching is subject to the Internet use policies of both the library and the University.
  • Users will not be required to present identification to use computers designated for depository usage.
  • Filtering software is not installed on computers designated for depository usage.
  • Sign-up sheets, time limits and special passwords may be imposed at the discretion of Reference and Research Services.
  • Depository users and other general public users and visitors - Designated guest login information is provided for Library workstations that require University authentication.
  • Use or access may be mediated or unmediated.


  • Reference Online Center (ROC Lab) workstations and other stand-alone computer workstations throughout the library are available for general public users to search government information resources and information.
  • Scanning and downloading options are available from public workstations and computer labs throughout the library for all library users.
  • Designated workstations in the Reference and Research department are available for printing purposes by the general public using depository services. More information is available from the Reference Online Center Policy.
  • Microform scanners, readers and printers are available for use by all library users.
  • Our depository library complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act in the provision of access to depository services, materials, and equipment for those with disabilities or special needs. Additional information is available from the library's Accessibility Services Policy.

Locations of depository materials

  • Paper - Located in both the main stacks and the government documents stacks which are open stacks. Selected Louisiana related publications are located within the closed stacks area of the Special Collections department.
  • Microforms - Filed in microfiche cabinets near documents stacks. Some titles located in Microforms dept. Readex Microprint collections located in government documents stacks.
  • Electronic Products - CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, DVDs, Video or Audio Cassettes filed in multi-media cabinets.
  • Maps, Atlases, Posters - Located in government documents map/atlas cases, stacks, or Louisiana Room (Louisiana USGS quadrangle maps)
  • Internet Access - Provided throughout the library at computers in the Reference Online Center (ROC Lab), STEP Lab, stand-alone stations and via wireless connections. Designated guest login information is provided for library workstations that require University authentication.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan requests are made for items that the library does not select, for items that have not been received due to shortages, or for damaged or lost items. Initial requests may be sent to the regional libraries, Louisiana Tech and LSU. Generally, requests are made to other depositories or non-depository libraries via OCLC.