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US Foreign Policy Resources

This guide will help you find primary and secondary sources relating to US Foreign Policy

Tips on Citation, Research, Style Tips & Finding Primary Sources

Finding Peer-Reviewed Articles

What does "peer-reviewed" mean?

A peer-reviewed article is reviewed by subject experts before being approved for publication in order to ensure that it meets specific criteria and standards. Journals that use peer review in their selection process are generally considered to be of higher quality and more trustworthy than those that don’t use the peer review process.

How do I find peer-reviewed articles?

You can find peer-reviewed articles by searching our databases. Most databases give you the option to select for peer-reviewed articles when conducting your search. Check the "Peer Reviewed" box to ensure all the articles in your search results come from peer-reviewed journals.

Ordering Articles Not Available at Dupré Library

LinkSource Logo Many online databases link to full-text articles, either directly or through the LinkSource service. If the article is not available full-text, LinkSource can search Dupré Library's holdings for a print copy of the article. LinkSource also facilitates an Interlibrary Loan ILLiad request when a Dupré Library copy is not available, which allows you to order the article via Interlibrary Loan. Look for the Link Source logo when using online databases.

Finding an Article Citation

Found an article you think you need but can't find the full-text in the Dupré Library Catalog or article database?