Resources for Education

This guide introduces education students to the Library and Internet resources available to them at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. It is specifically designed for students in the UL Lafayette College of Education studying education.

What is a Database?

View this helpful video, Article Databases in Five Minutes, created by NCSU libraries. It provides an overview of article databases and key features for searching article databases effectively.

Publication Finder: Find Journals Online

Need to know if we have an online subscription to a particular journal? Try conducting a title search in our Publication Finder, which provides access to all of our electronic journal subscriptions. Publication Finder also allows you to browse by discipline.

Publication Finder Screenshot

Finding Quantitative and Qualitative Articles

To find quantitative and qualitative articles use methodology terms as keywords. Possible keywords include the type of study, data analysis type, or terminology used to describe the results.

Example quantitative keywords Example qualitative keywords
  • data
  • case study
  • experiment
  • ethnographic
  • statistical
  • interview
  • quantitative
  • narrative
  • variable
  • phenomenological
  • T-test
  • content analysis
  • focus group
  • pretest
  • observational
  • distribution
  • qualitative