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Database Quick Search

Quickly search in some of the most useful library databases plus tools to make your searching easier and better.

Brainstorming Tools

Use Credo to find definitions and short encyclopedic entries that give you background information on which to build a research question. Use the Mind Map function to explore related concepts and build a more complex view of your topic.

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You can use AI chats and other tools to help you brainstorm. Try out this Chat GPT prompt below to generate some keywords related to your topic--just fill in the blank with a short summary (a few words) of your topic.


Google it! TikTok it! Instagram it! Go down a Reddit rabbit hole! 

There are lots of experts out there sharing their knowledge in an informal way, and even more armchair experts adding to the discussion. While you won't cite these sources, it's a great way to learn more about your topic, learn specific terminology, or just get ideas.