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Voter Information

Voter Qualifications

Register to Vote in Louisiana

To register to vote in Louisiana you must:

  • be a citizen of the United States

  • be a resident of Louisiana (Residence address must be an address where you claim homestead exemption, if any, except for a resident in a nursing home or veteran's home who may select to use the address of the nursing home or veterans' home or the home where he has a homestead exemption. A college student may elect to use his home address or his address while away at school.)

  • be at least 17 years old to register by mail (16 years old to register in person at the registrar of voters office or at the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles), and be 18 years old prior to the next election to vote

  • not currently be under an order of imprisonment for conviction of a felony

  • not currently be under a judgment of interdiction for mental incompetence

All voter registration information and applications of persons who are 16 or 17 years of age are confidential.

For all other registered voters, the following information is confidential:

  • driver's license number;
  • social security number;
  • day and month of voter's birth;
  • mother's maiden name;
  • email address;
  • text message service; and
  • if a voter is entitled to assistance in voting.

Online Voter Registration

Register to Vote Online

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(Courtesy: Louisiana Secretary of State)

Registering to vote or changing your registration is easy using the GeauxVote Online Registration System.

For security reasons, this application will time out if you remain idle for more than five minutes. All data will be cleared, and you will have to start the application over from the beginning.

Once you have completed the application, you will be allowed to either print and mail your application, or if verified by the Office of Motor Vehicles, submit your application electronically. If you plan to submit electronically, you must have your Louisiana driver's license or Louisiana special ID card in hand when you begin the process. There is an audit code on the card that you must enter. The audit code is a four digit number labeled AUDIT on the front of the license.

NOTE: A Louisiana mobility impaired card is not an acceptable form of identification since it does not contain a signature.

The Office of Motor Vehicles performs system maintenance from 1-4 a.m. daily. During this time, you may not be able to complete processing electronically, but the print and mail functions will remain available.

Note that if you fill out an online application, but print and mail it to the Registrar of Voters Office, it must be postmarked 30 days prior to the first election in which you seek to vote.

In Person Voter Registration

Register to Vote In Person

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(Courtesy: Louisiana Secretary of State)

Apply in person to register to vote at any Registrar of Voters Office.

You may also register in person at any of the following locations:

  • Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles;
  • Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services;
  • WIC offices;
  • food stamp offices;
  • Medicaid offices;
  • offices serving persons with disabilities such as the Deaf Action Centers and Independent Living Offices; or
  • Armed Forces recruitment offices.

If registering in person at a parish Registrar of Voters Office, you are required to prove age, residency and identity. You must submit your current Louisiana driver's license, if you have one, or your birth certificate or other documentation which reasonably and sufficiently establishes your identity, age and residency.

If you have no driver's license, special Louisiana ID or social security number, you may provide a picture ID, a utility bill, payroll check or government document that includes your name and address.

If registering at a mandated site, no further proof of identification is required other than whatever proof is required for services received that you have applied for at the public agency.

Mailed Voter Registration

Register to Vote By Mail

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(Courtesy: Louisiana Secretary of State)

Apply by mail by downloading the Louisiana Voter Registration Application (PDF), completing it and mailing it to your local Registrar of Voters Office. Note that the list of offices for registrars of voters is also included on the form.

You may also register by using a National Mail Voter Registration Form.

Faxed voter registration forms are not accepted. The voter registration form should be addressed and mailed or hand-delivered to the appropriate registrar of voters in the parish in which you are registering. Deadlines requiring receipt in the Registrar of Voters Office may be missed if you do not mail directly to the registrar of voters in your parish. You must be registered at least 20 days prior to an election if registering through the GeauxVote Online Registration System with a Louisiana driver's license or Louisiana special ID card or 30 days prior to an election if registering in person or by mail (PDF) to be eligible to vote in that particular election. (If mailing in an application, the application or envelope must be postmarked 30 days prior to the first election in which you seek to vote.)

The registrar of voters mails a verification mailing card to verify the address you have provided when registering by mail. If you do not receive a mailing from the registrar of voters within two weeks of registering, contact their office.