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Quad Suite: Richard Landry

Quad Suite

Exhibition Dates: Sep 06, 2019—Dec 07, 2019

Richard Landry Quad Suite

Richard Landry’s 1973 video Quad Suite explores the performative nature of both video and music. As a musician and composer, Landry pushes the boundaries of music, exploring new ways to use the acoustics of physical spaces and electronic delays. In Quad Suite, he explores the material qualities of video, revealing an entrancing relationship between sound and image through meditative repetition.

The title, Quad Suite, refers to Landry’s use of a quadraphonic delay. Landry uses four speakers, each playing the same output with a 400 millisecond delay between each of them. The first speaker is delayed 400ms, the second plays with an 800ms delay, and so on. Therefore, as Landry plays new sounds, the speakers are still playing his previous notes, allowing him to play in a quartet with himself. The effect is both haunting and reflective.

—Hilliard Art Museum