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Americans and the Holocaust Traveling Exhibition

Visitor Parking

Visitor Parking

** If parking is not available in one of these areas or if special arrangements are needed, please call Transportation Services at (337) 482-6858 **

ParkMobile Parking at UL

Beginning 1.13.2021, the ParkMobile app may be used for hourly paid parking in designated areas. ParkMobile offers contactless paid parking using an account set up by individuals through the app. To view a map of all parking lot options using ParkMobile in the vicinity of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, launch to the ParkMobile search web page then select the Search Zones button. Accounts and payments via computers can also be accessed through the link.

Three new hourly parking lots were developed during the fall 2020 semester giving students and visitors additional parking options starting spring 2021:

  • Mildred Street lot located at 101 Mildred Street;
  • St. Mary Street lot located at 119 West St. Mary Street (immediately behind Burger King), and
  • University lot located at 333 East University Street.

Then, starting at 4:30 p.m., additional parking lots will be available for evening hours. These additional lots include areas reserved for employee permit-only parking during the day.

Individuals will set up an account within the ParkMobile app, including a payment option, prior to parking in the desired zone

Learn more about ParkMobile.