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Legislative Research: U.S. Government Information Resources


  • Reference services are provided by the Reference and Research Services department and the Head of Government Information, Special Collections department.
  • Circulation of most documents is allowed.
  • Individual research consultations or appointments may be scheduled for research assistance and library instruction sessions.

What subjects are covered in government publications?

Government publications provide current and historical data and information on a wide range of subjects: art and architecture, business and economics, consumer protection, criminal justice, culture and folklife, education, energy and the environment, foreign and international relations, health and medicine, labor, laws and regulations, nutrition, and science and technology. Government publications are primary and secondary sources of information.

Formats and media include tangible (print, audio-visual, microform) and online publications.

How do I access or locate government information?

There are many ways to access print and online government publications and information.

Holdings of print government publications and online access to full-text government publications may be located by searching:

For additional links and information, search our web pages:

About Our Federal Depository Library

Edith Garland Dupré Library was designated a Federal Depository Library in 1938.

Dupré Library is a Congressionally designated Federal Depository Library of the Federal Depository Library Program, U.S. Government Publishing Office. As a selective depository, Dupré Library receives over 40 percent of selections available to depository libraries through the Federal Depository Library Program of the U.S. Government Publishing Office. Free access to government information is provided to the general public, in accordance with:

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