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Introduction to College English Research

Find the peer-reviewed articles and other resources you will need for annotated bibliographies and papers in your college English classes.

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Searching Smart

STEP 1: Start Your Research Notes

  • Taking good notes from your very first search will save you a lot of time
  • Keep your research notes somewhere you can always get to easily—in the Cloud using Google Docs, Dropbox, etc., or on a USB drive on your keychain.
  • Track search terms, successful database searches, article citations, and permalinks to get back to the articles you find.

STEP 2: Gather Background Info

  • Quickly gather and read some good overviews on your topic
  • These will help you
    • Finalize your topic - learn what aspects of the topic interest you the most
    • Brainstorm search terms - Can't find anything on your topic? Good search terms (and lots of them) will make or break your research. Your librarians can help—use ref desk and chat!
    • Find subject experts, recommended data sources, and articles

Tools for Finding Background Info

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