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Leviathan: Susan David

Susan David

Susan David, AKA Scuze, is a two time recipient of ArtSpark, an Individual Artist Stipend administered by the Acadiana Center for the Arts and funded by the Lafayette Economic Development Authority to implement Project Rooster Teeth (PRT) in 2016.PRT is a community funded public art grant based in Lafayette, Louisiana. The PRT movement is still going strong. She also received the Artspark award in 2019 to implement Emerge, a site specific immersive sculpture installation along with a having a documentary concerning process of this social sculpture, and to host a public arts discussion on what installation art is. She was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, obtained her Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Painting from UL of Lafayette in 2004 and her Master's of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies at Vermont College of Fine Arts, in Montpelier, Vermont in January 2016. She was nominated by Country Roads Magazine as an up-and-coming regional artist in 2012. For the past 13 years she has been the set designer ensemble cast member and sometimes photographer for The Milena Theatre Group under the vision of director Dayana Stetco. She exhibits her work regionally and nationally and has works in the permanent collections of KRVS Radio Acadie, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, The University of Tasmania, The Southern Graphics Print Council Archives, University of Mississippi, and the Print and Drawing Collection, New Orleans, Museum of Art

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