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Sharon Kopriva: No Small Thing

No Small Thing

Exhibition Dates: September 13, 2019 – January 4, 2020

Reception Date: Friday, September 13

Sharon Kopriva Artwork

Spending a great deal of time looking at and thinking about the work in Sharon Kopriva: No Small Thing is refreshingly humbling and ought to give one pause. At risk of presenting Kopriva’s work as resolutely Old Testament, most images you will see illustrate how even small decisions can have big consequences. As a result, the work on view is laid out in such a manner that very large art may seem Sharon Kopriva. Cathedral Green, 2012. Oil and mixed media on canvas. Courtesy of the artist. Page 2 of 2 small at first and conversely small works of art will have to be examined closely, thereby becoming large for the short time they are viewed up close. In combination the elements introduced here set a serious tone that merits further discussion. The Publication Sharon Kopriva: No Small Thing was produced to accompany this exhibition, and will be available for purchase in the museum store beginning September 13, 2019.

—Hilliard Art Museum