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Be Still

Be Still

Exhibition Dates: Oct. 07, 2022 — July 15, 2023

Be Still is a guided meditation at the Hilliard Art Museum by the artist and lighting designer Brian Schneider. Consisting of neon text on the museum’s façade, the text-based installation inspired by Psalm 46:10 is only visible at night.

—Hilliard Art Museum

Brian Schneider on Be Still

My interpretation of this verse as a daily meditation came from the writings of Richard Rohr and the Center For Action and Contemplation, who say: “It is a reminder that no matter how we arrive that day, we are called to be, and be still before God.”

Personally, I take this idea down a slightly different path. I believe that the purpose of a spiritual practice, regardless of its foundation in a religious system is to find the universal energy of God within every thing, being, and interaction in life. Everything is connected, and if God is in everything, then God is within me. My goal with this work is ;to highlight and maintain that connection.