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Little Things: Drawings and Photographs by Fred Packard

University Archives & Acadiana Manuscripts

View films and photographs from Fred Packard in the University Archives and Acadiana Manuscripts Collection located in the Jefferson Caffery Reading Room. Contact the Special Collections reference desk for assistance.

The University Archives and Acadiana Manuscripts Collection houses the archival records of the University starting in 1900. There are also over 500 collections of personal or family papers, business or organizational records, photograph collections, oral history and much more related to the Acadiana region.

Fred Packard Films
Collection 116

Packard, Fred ( - ). Films, 1970s-1980s
1.5 feet

Fred Packard was a faculty member from University of Southwestern Louisiana (now University of Louisiana at Lafayette) Art and Architecture Department.

This collection consists of three films on CODOFIL and other material. These are handmade and contain taped interviews. The master film is at Pan American Films. The copyright is owned by Lafayette Natural History Museum.

A. Films—Boxes 1 through 4
B. Photographs—Folder 4-01


Box 1
A. Films

  • 1-01 Films: CODOFIL
  • 1-02 Films: CODOFIL

Box 2
2-01 Films: CODOFIL

Box 3
3-01 “Made by Hand” (2 reels)

3-02 Original for A&B (3 reels)

  1. Mondehrom Stills for Titles, Transitions, Edits
  2. Darden Sequence
  3. Pametto Growing (Kidder introduction)
  4. Kidder Sequence (introduction)
  5. Kidder Introduction: Palmettos Drying
  6. Kidder End: Showing Off Objects
  7. Kidder: Braiding, Trimming, Dewing
  8. LeBlanc Sequence (spinning and weaving)
  9. Robertson in Woods
  10. Introduction: Robertson Sequence
  11. Robertson Working

3-03 16 mm Films

  1. Crafts Festival (soap, forge), 23 May 1978
  2. Crafts Festival (wood bowls, tools), 23 May 1978
  3. Crafts Festival (ceramics, wooden ducks), 23 May 1978
  4. Crafts Festival (ducks, spinning, weaving), 23 May 1978
  5. Crafts Festival (weaving, spinning), 23 May 1978
  6. “Made by Hand”

Box 4

4-01 16 mm Film (microfilm)

  1. Monochrome Segments, n.d.

4-02 Cassettes

  1. Stouff, Kidder, Leblanc, Robertson
  2. Accordian, J. Gaeig, 27 January 1979

4-03 5 Inch Reels

  1. Tape II, Mrs. Leblanc, 11 January 1979
  2. Fred Packard, Film Narration (master)
  3. Fred Packard, Film Narration (master 4 inch)

4-04 Reel to Reel

  1. Tape I: Darden, Stonff, Kidder, LeBlanc (January)
  2. Tape II: “Made by Hand”: Darden, Kidder, Leblanc, Robertson; “Music”: Introduction, Darden, Kidder, Leblanc, Robertson; “SFX”: Water, Sewing Machine, Hatchet, Maul and Wedge, Tapping, Knife, 14 February 1979
  3. Tape III: Robertson, 18 January 1979

B. Photographs

4-05 Photofolio 76: In the Bicentennial Year, we are pleased to present a portfolio of prints commemorating the University of Southwestern Louisiana’s “Diamond Jubilee Anniversary” – its seventy-fifth year as an institution of higher education in Louisiana. Fred M. Packard, Professor, Art

  1. Faculty of 1917-1918
  2. The Bread Club, 1913
  3. The Machine Shop in Brown Ayres, circa 1909
  4. Gardening in “the Quadrangle”, 1909
  5. Martin Hall
  6. President Edwin L. Stephens’ Office
  7. The Dramatic Lass in “The Mikado”, 1904
  8. Graduating Class, 22 May 1908
  9. Women’s Basketball Team, circa 1908