Daniel Canogar: Echo

Daniel Canogar: Echo


Exhibition Dates: Feb 8, 2019 — Apr 27, 2019

Reception Date: Friday, February 8, 2019

The fluid and fragile nature of memory is extremely important to Daniel Canogar. Within his studio practice Canogar frequently posits technology as reflective of society’s shared consciousness in that technology is constantly changing; the new replacing the old at such a pace that recollections of some things once so important are virtually forgotten. Echo, the work on view, gives physical form to this process. Using innovative flexible LED tiles of his own design, Canogar’s screen forms can be shaped into curls and waves, their luminescence reaching beyond the confines of Echo’s sculptural form, giving viewers a physical object they can move around, as well as, to some degree, through and within. Stunningly beautiful, the work is alluring and unavoidable, much like many memories themselves. Whether the work in this installationwill live on by achieving some degree of immortally or fall victim to cultural amnesia is too speculative to consider. Simply, Echo is not necessarily a clarion call to remember something specific. It presents to us a fascinating metaphorical anatomy of how technology, something ostensibly cold, hard and empirical, reflects our humanity back at us.

--Hilliard University Art Museum